Fighting the Idiocy

At some point, a sober, rational human should indicate that countering all the idiocy of the social world is a tiresome project. With all the stupidity of a imperial culture based on nothing so much as cheap oil and endless armaments, there is a permanent caste of malevolent, pestilent, and self-enthralled cretins and charlatans that somehow arrive in positions of expressive power. Top-grade jackasses and dumbasses, like Paul Ryan, like Adolf Trump, like your average co-worker, like your in-laws, like wordpressian morons, like Marilynne Robinson and Thomas Friedman, like the list that Tom Petty compiled in “Take Back,” (Joe Piscopo),  these speakers of horrid untruth and bestial lies are multiplying in the fetid stench of the odor of failing empire.

Are we to enjoy exposing the latest public expressions of racism,  or excoriate the latest feeble hope of opposition, when the American political system has done nothing but crush the historical antecedents of Norman Thomas, Eugene Debs, the antiwar movements, the New Deal, Food not Bombs, humanistic education?Are we supposed to avoid our righteous anger at the on-going destruction of human capability represented by the entrenched, moronic, impervious capitalizer classes speaking the ancient lies of “God,” the new lies of “pro-life,” and “school choice,” and “Make America Great Again by Being Lying Poltroons”?  If you see well-fed elderly white jackasses and their abused wives sporting religious and Trumpian bumperstickers, should we  feel happy that once again there is a democratic messiah who will go down to noble defeat while these assclowns rule the road?

This country has been through the intellectual gulag years during the fascism of Alzheimer  Reagan and the Bushes – should we be optimistic as another, deeper round of enforced stupidity permeates our fair land?

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