Social Rage and Social Nihilism

The implication from all the opiners of this world is that they are on the right side, and that those on the wrong side are very, very bad people.

What then, to do with them?  These bad people are to be found everywhere, and they usually are quite a noisy, often powerful, endlessly annoying grouping of adult apes. Since we are riven by social fear, these bad people cannot be ignored, and yet all the available evidence is that these bad folk are unreformable, irredeemable, pestilent, dangerous enemies of all that is good and wholesome in the rent fabric of social spacetime.

Stalin, along with just about everybody else that has achieved human form, wished his alleged enemies, and some good friends,  dead. The Nazis, too, had a horrible fixation upon a certain class of people, along with a few others, that reminded them of cancer, viruses, and a few other medical  and scientific metaphors, and they said some horrible things about them. So, too, have we as humans – wished terrible ill, even direct cancellation of immediate and future life, upon those incompetent, farcical, malevolent seekers of untruth.  Yet Stalin, and the Nazis, lived out their intense animadversions. We, as modern civilized humans, get others to kill in our name, to perpetuate our inherited systems of advantage, and we, it is safe to say without getting shot, let our fantastically hated enemies live.

All of us fall into some category of rage-hated other that could, theoretically, be subject to instant assassination by motivated revenge seekers. The motive could be a simple color preference, or it could be any on of the atheist, anti-theist, pro-abortion, anti-military, anti-corporate, anti-libertarian badges of social nihilist honor, or it could be from of the pro-gun nutjobs, or it could be one of the long-avoided cousins, or someone mad about an unpaid bill. Adult humans can be seized by a spittling, brain-shaking, murderous hatred that flashes with such overpowering speed that cats, dogs, children, and even passionately loved ones better wish there are no semi-automatics freely out and loaded in the house. Co-workers have magnificently cultivated hatreds of others thrown by chance into their workplace slipstreams. Outwardly pious sex-panicked Christians hate with all the fury of a Mafia hitman at atheists preventing them from instituting mandatory prayer in the last remaining public classrooms.

Yet in most of these cases, for most of the time, there is no easy way to act out these fantasies of  murder, genocide, and obliteration of the rights and lives of these hated other-siders. Instead, life-failures tend, in this age, to call for the “imprisonment” of their imagined enemies, thinking this will teach them a lesson. Have a problem with somebody? Then instead of pulling a trigger and blowing their brains out, call for heavily armed police to throw  them in the clinker, and that will take care of the scourge. they’ll be humiliated every day, left behind the walls to rot, while to the victor goes the cleansed world. Right?

There is not going to be this intentional righting of social wrongs, by anyone, anywhere. Priests and lawyers will go on living, most likely in public. Foul-minded, incompetent stooges of perverse social hatreds will be in office, drive pickup trucks, and hold down corporate-endowed chairs. Your enemies will not be smited, and the world will suffer the social consequences.

You want to kill me for what I believe and say, well, then get in line, there’s plenty more of you to last ’til the end of time, at least mine, and that line will have all the social power.  You want me in prison, instead? Why? Why not just call for me, the embodiment of all that you think has taken the good out of  your imagined perfect world,  to be shot?


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