Social Corrections, Part 1

CONTEMPORAY MISUSE 1: White Nationalists. White Christian Nationalists. Patriot Front Elmer Fudd Brigade. White Christian Republican Nationalists. American Fascists. Republicans.

PROPER USE 1: Nazis.

EXPLANATION 1: The German Nazis are their forebears. They spring from the same well. “Gott mit uns” was the German Nazi refrain; MAGA is the contemporary version. The differences between the 1930s German version of Nazism and the US 2020 one are minor and reversible. The ideological continuities, social affects, psychological dispositions, receptivity to cultural propaganda, and other domains of expression and influence are overwhelmingly contiguous. Besides, “Nazis” as a term packs the punch necessary to encapsulate the dimensions of the murder chimpdom of these folks, not the anodyne, overarticulated run-on terms.

CONTEMPORARY MISUSE 2: White Supremacism.

PROPER USE 2: Nazism.

EXPLANATION 2: Never use a term that expresses the antithesis of the truth. Using an untrue term reinforces the existence of that untruth. There is nothing “supreme” about any aspect of the fictional construct of race. Liars and morons and degenerate socio-political con artists should not be able to get the benefit of seeing their irrational ideas become enshrined in public conversation. What is the precise nature of these contemporary beliefs? Who cares? What is the good of probing the currents of malevolent ignorance? Humanity is locked in a death spiral of its own making, and we are supposed to step lightly around the nuances of the perceived grievances of illiterate poltroons?

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